Band Members

The violators of all that is cliche,

The infernal rapers of angels,

The riders of satan,

The Goddess of Desire Bandmembers!


From the wastelands of Gelre. His powerbeats will make posers tremble.


Cape Fear

The infernal string torturer, fell down from the sky during the attack of Satan in the great wars of heaven. This battle angel makes the earth tremble at sight, while everlasting torment reigns.


Count August

The bass-player and one of the singers of the band. Risen from the burning pits of Hell. This daemon will make every false metal dude tremble with fear. He is also the spokesman on stage and the manager.



This she-devil will make every man burn with desire, she's the true Goddess Of Desire.


Lord Arydon

One of the two guitarplayers of the band. Originally from the eastern landscapes of Gelre. This warrior will kill every poser on site.


New Album:

Awaken Pagan Gods, released by Armageddon Music.

Next Show:

24 May 2008
Metalvisie Songfestival
Lelystad (Netherlands) ...more

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Sanny from Seelenquell:
We wish you a happy und great year 2008 ...more


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