The book of the dead

Name: Sanny from Seelenquell
From: Germany (DE)
Comment: We wish you a happy und great year 2008 See you in Germany as far as well.
Date / Time: 1-.-0.2008 / 02: 2:1:

Name: Tvh.
From: Netherlands (NL)
Comment: Tijd om mijn verdoemenis te schrijven? cool ^^ gehe. Bij deze wil ik jullie wederom bedanken voor de klasse aflevering van mijn bestelling; ondanks dat deze 1 dag later aankwam dan gehoopt door kerst, is het resultaat er niet minder om. tevens over 1 uur en 10 minuten; een heel wrede jaarswisseling gewenst met uiteraard; veel optredens, bestellingen en succes ;) Jullie horen weer van me. Groeten, Thomas van Helsum. Oh and for the ones who want to know what i writed here in dutch to the members of GOD; i'll translate it ^^ Time to write down my doom? cool ^^ gehe. By this one i wanted to thank you guys again for the great deliverment of my order; though it came 1 day later i hoped it would come; the result is still great and im more then satisfied. Also in 1 hour and 10 minuts; a very kickass years changement wished troughfully to you guys; and also with alot shows, orders, and succes! ;) You will hear again from me, Regards, Thomas van Helsum
Date / Time: 2-.-1.2007 / 31: 2:2:

Name: Daniel Altwegg
Website: Total Annihilation @
From: Switzerland (CH)
Comment: Hey Guys (and Girls ;-) ) See you this Saturday in Switzerland! Keep on rocking this fucking house! Greets from Switzerland! PS: please take a look to our Myspace site and add us!
Date / Time: 2-.-1.2007 / 26: 2:2:

Name: matthes
From: Germany (DE)
Comment: hey guys, just wanted to say that your damning mailorder-shop isn't working out. it just "errors" everytime i add products to the shopping cart. stay heavy, matthes
Date / Time: 2-.-1.2007 / 22: 1:4:

Name: Boghtdrincker
Website: Heidevolk
From: Netherlands (NL)
Comment: Helaas konden we het niet afkijken in Leeuwarden mannen (en vrouwen), maar ik hoop dat onze wegen zich spoedig weer kruisen!!
Date / Time: 2-.-1.2007 / 12: 1:1:

Name: Daniel Ă„del
From: Sweden (SE)
Comment: Love the title of the forthcoming album! Cool story behind it. Really looking forward to it.Cheers, Daniel.
Date / Time: 2-.-1.2007 / 01: 1:3:

Name: headbanger1990
From: Netherlands (NL)
Comment: jullie teksd is hellemaal geweldig en zegt waar het op staat geweldig er moet en meer nederlandse metalbands komen keep up the fath:metal never dies (6)
Date / Time: 1-.-1.2007 / 30: 1:2:

Name: joris
From: Belgium (BE)
Comment: yay
Date / Time: 1-.-1.2007 / 05: 2:2:

Name: witchlord
Website: gladiators-of-metal
From: Austria (AT)
Comment: Hail I was look for new bands for my new web zine Look my site and go in contact with me Thanx Raise the metal fist
Date / Time: 1-.-1.2007 / 01: 1:9:

Name: Tanja
Website: Metalroxx
From: Germany (DE)
Comment: Hey @all... A livereport of the Metal Forces Night "“ Part I is online on !!! So come and check it out! Hugs Tanja
Date / Time: 0-.-1.2007 / 30: 0:9:

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