Goddess' maniacs of metal

If you are wearing Goddess of Desire merchandise, and visit one of our shows, be sure to contact us to make a picture of you.

You can also send us your pictures wearing your favourite Goddess of Desire merchandise!

Thomas Daul from Schledehausen, Ziegenbrink, Osnabrück (DE), 08.11.2003Lisette Vollenga from Zoetermeer, ,  (NL), dd.mm.2003Thomas Daul from Schledehausen, Festung, Bitterfeld (DE), 20.12.2003Thomas Daul from Schledehausen, Festung, Bitterfeld (DE), 20.12.2003Jasmin from EssenSven Klefenz

New Album:

Awaken Pagan Gods, released by Armageddon Music.

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24 May 2008
Metalvisie Songfestival
Lelystad (Netherlands) ...more

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Sanny from Seelenquell:
We wish you a happy und great year 2008 ...more


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